Developing Emotional Literacy skills for people with learning disabilities and their supporters

The "From the inside Looking out" (FILO) project


I am a founder and co-trainer of the "From the Inside Looking Out" project. In 2006 the project team set out to evaluate whether the development of Emotional Literacy skills improved the psychological wellbeing, independence and quality of life for people with learning disabilities. Six major service providers took part in a 2 year programme, which ran Emotional Literacy groups nationwide.

The outcomes provide us with very powerful messages about the feelings of people with learning disabilities and their emotional needs. It has also enabled us to clearly identify the approaches which make a positive difference to the independence and emotional wellbeing of the people who took part.

Being able to know what we are feeling - to name feelings
Having the confidence to express our feelings
Finding ways of telling someone else how we feel
Being able to think about and respect the feelings of others
For copies of a summary, or the full evaluation, Please contact myself or jean Rein of Talkback Self-Advocacy on 01494 434449



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